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Ever feel like you need to suit up in a hazmat suit just to take out the trash? Envirobinz has the answer to your odor emanating, germ infested, animal attracting trash bins. We’re family owned and operated, and the first to offer this innovative service in middle Tennessee! We provide an environmentally conscious cleaning service which kills the bacteria in and on your trash bin, thereby eliminating odors which attract unwanted pests. Following your regularly scheduled trash collection, we bring our custom truck to you, and in just a few minutes, your trash bin is thoroughly cleaned! You don’t even need to be home. Our desire is to improve your quality of life by providing this simple yet beneficial cleaning service!

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Following your regularly scheduled trash pickup, our technician brings our custom truck to you. On arrival, the outside of your bin will be sprayed with a high pressure wash. Next, your bin is loaded over a custom 360 degree spinning head which blasts the inside of the bin with superheated, high pressure water. Finally, our technician will spray your bin with an environmentally friendly, biodegradable deodorizer. Our system was designed with the environment in mind. Besides reducing the amount of water needed to wash a bin as compared to using a garden hose, all residual water is captured within our self contained system. None of the grime or muck is washed into the sewer or ground water, it all stays on our truck. This process allows Envirobinz to clean, sanitize, and disinfect your residential trash bins right at the curb.



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